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These THANK YOU quotes are from Ukrainians who have been hosted and/or supported locally after fleeing the full-scale invasion of their home country by Russia

I am grateful to the British people for their support and solidarity, for their willingness to stand by Ukraine until the victory, for the fact that we do not feel alone in our struggle for freedom and democracy. I am grateful for friendship and partnership, for the opportunity for our children to continue their education in safety. Personally, it is also important for me to be able to work to help our soldiers bring Victory closer every day.   

Personally, I am grateful to the British people for their sincere and selfless help in all matters of life, for providing the opportunity to adapt to their ethnic environment, the opportunity for children to study according to British standards, for familiarity with British traditions, for listening and always benevolent, for the creed and feelings of life reliability, and the ability to always smile at any situation. 

...Most of all I wanted to return to Ukraine, but it was impossible and my family, worried about me, was against it. I prayed a lot and asked God to show me the way. And at that time I saw on Facebook several invitations from the British to come and live in their house. This is how my life in England began. Thank you.       

Grateful for the great kindness, sincerity and openness with which they met completely unfamiliar people. They opened their homes and hearts, gave a sense of security and home far from the Motherland. I found the best host and the safest place!

…For safety and education without shelling for my children.

I'd like to say a massive thank you🙏 to English people for helping Ukraine in the most horrible and toughest time in my life❤️.  

I'm very grateful for everything they've done for us. They gave us much more than a safe place; they gifted us a sense of home and belonging, making us feel not strangers in a completely foreign country, and always helped with everything 🤝 💝

I am grateful for a chance to turn over a new page in the safe, supportive and empathetic environment. It is also extremely important for me to have an opportunity to fulfill some of my old dreams and be able to show our culture, history and heritage with people here thus giving back for warm welcome and kindness shown to Ukrainians and Ukraine.

I am very grateful that so many British people opened the doors of their homes to strangers, helped and are helping with everything and will support. I know from the experience of my friends that their hosts have become very close people.

I thank you for the opportunity to show my creative abilities and cultural leisure. Free language learning, medical care, counseling on housing and work issues is a significant support for Ukrainians... And the most important thing is that my children and I are safe, being under the care of the British authorities. We feel protected.

I am grateful to the people of England for supporting Ukraine in such a difficult period for my country: for providing military aid, humanitarian aid, for helping thousands of people who fled the war and now live in England.

Wonderful people live in this country, who accepted Ukrainians into their families, helped them to adapt in England at the beginning of their stay, introduced them to the language, culture and history of this country. Great country  - Great people.

We are grateful to the British people for shelter, for the opportunity to gain practical experience in England, for the opportunity for free education for children, as well as for the support of our Ukrainian community at the level of the city hall, the opportunity to receive grants for the development of the community❤️

I am grateful for openness, generosity and kindness.

For support in all its manifestations.

I am grateful that I was hired. But it is nice that at the same time they recognized that I am overqualified for this role))

It was nice when they said that my English is much better than their Ukrainian)

And it is nice that the children are accepted and reassured.

It is about the value and importance of children

The first six months were like a fog for me, my feelings were completely frozen and inhibited. If it wasn't for my host, something bad must have happened to me.

I am extremely grateful to all English people for support, hospitality and friendship, for helping us.

When my friends arrived at their hosts, whom they had never known before, both boys were enrolled in a local school, school uniforms were ready for them, and they were able to start school the next day after their arrival. The child is the most important thing here.

Grateful to Great Britain:

- for a feeling of security;

- for life without siren sounds;

- for free medical assistance if necessary;

- for sincere and selfless people who are ready to help at any moment;

- for the chance to work and earn money, which makes it possible to donate and support Ukraine and its army;

- for the family that took me into their home and became my second family.

My thanks to the hosts are endless. I found my second family in Britain, which supported me comprehensively at the time when I needed it the most. Sincere, sympathetic and friendly people who were deeply touched by Ukrainian misery and pain

…My hardest choice in life was made here. Whether to stay and save the life of the child, or to go to the mother who got cancer in Ukraine. Here I met such warm support that I have never felt in my life. And in Ukraine, my whole family supported my mother, but without me. She is healthy now, but this sin will be with me forever. I made the right choice then - my child is safe. Thanks to you.

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