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Members get many benefits including subsidised trips and activities and priority access to limited availability activities and events.  Members’ children will often get free or very low cost access to activities.


Whilst our main geographic focus is Adur we also welcome people to join as members from surrounding area.   Some of our larger capacity events will also welcome non-members but without any cost subsidy. 


Please note, that where activities and events have limited capacity, the following order of preference will be given:


  1. Members living in Adur

  2. Members living in surrounding areas

  3. Non Members


There is a nominal annual membership fee of £1 minimum per adult (18 and over) – at this time we are not able to accept under 18s as Members.  You are very welcome to contribute more for your annual fee if you would like to do so.


For a membership form and details of how to make payment, please contact us:

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