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What does it mean to be a Member of Adur Ukraine Support Association? Why should I join? What will be expected of me?  

By joining us as a Member, you are showing your interest and support for the Ukrainians in our local Community.   

By becoming a member, you do not become a committee member or have to make any decisions. Your joining the Association means only that you share the purpose and activities of the organization and wish to join the support or activities or both.


Anyone can become a Member who shares this interest - you do not have to be Ukrainian to join, we have Members who are Ukrainian and we also have Members who are hosts and sponsors and we have people from the local community who want to offer help.   Whilst our focus is the local community, we also welcome Members from other local areas who want to work with us and support us.


We try and support our local Members with any needs they have or direct them to other people or organisations who can help.  Some Members want to help us in providing help and support, but this is not expected of you and is entirely voluntary. 

As our Association operates for the benefit of our Members, if you want to join any of our trips, clubs or activities we will ask you to become a Member.  Many trips, clubs and activities are offered on a subsidised basis for our Members and some with limited availability may only be open to Members, or have priority for Members. 

There is a small membership fee that we ask Members to pay each year. This helps to raise funds for the support that we provide and also covers costs that we have to support our activities.  If you would like to become a Member then please contact Irina, our Secretary, or click here

What does it mean to be a Volunteer with Adur Ukraine Support Association? 


We are able to provide support and activities through donations, fund-raising and grants.  

We are always looking for volunteers who can help in any way that they can - this could be with fund-raising activities, events, day trips,  publicity or just  for ad hoc support when it is needed. 

Some volunteers have special interest areas e.g. music and dance, hiking, employment so want to help in specific areas, others are just happy to be an extra pair of hands when needed. 

Volunteers are golden - we welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to work with us.


​Many thanks for your interest in what we are doing.

If you would like to become a Volunteer  then please contact us-  click here


If you would like to donate, there is a link at the top of this page, processing fees do get taken by the processing company - we are able to take direct donations via BACS if you prefer, please contact us.  

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