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AGE 10-18 

Darren is working on a program of activities aimed at 10-18 year olds.


To find out how much interest there is in this program, members who have children in this age group can ask them to fill out our Google form


When we collect the responses, we will know how many are interested and we can agree on dates. The purpose of this program is to bring young people of this age group together to have fun and get to know each other by participating in activities. 

Some activities require parental supervision, we will let you know more about this.

Activities include:

  • Adur Outdoor Activity Centre

  • Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre

  • Archery

  • 10-pin bowling

  • Cooking pizza

  • Escape rooms

  • Go Ape

  • Treasure trails


​This is a fantastic opportunity that will be funded through the grants we have received so there is little or no cost to families so please get in touch if you are interested.


We do recognise that activities for families and younger kids would also be great. We are delighted to have Nata working with Olga and Darren on these activities and events. Some activities in the 10-18 program may be suitable for families/younger children or in a venue where activities can also be arranged. Nata already led a day trip for families with younger children to visit West Dean Gardens.


For some trips and events, subsidized or free admission is only available for children of those who are members of the Adur Ukraine Support Association  (To find out how to become a member, click here). 

Darren is our Children's Activities Co-Ordinator.

Please contact him with any questions or to register to join a trip

West Dean Gardens
Adur Outdoor Activity Centre
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